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The oc mart MIX is that and much more. The oc mart MIX is a vibrant gathering of like-minded vendors who will thrive on synergy. It provides vendors an affordable location to showcase their unique products and merchandise to shoppers and designers. The oc mart MIX is the place to find that one-of-a-kind pillow or just the right olive oil for tonight’s dinner party. SOCO is the perfect location for the oc mart MIX.

Anne Watson Photography

Apples & Oranges

Alexander Gray


Birdie Bowl and Juicery

Briana Rene

Cheese Shop

Deer Lovely

Derringer Cycles

Eva’s Trunk Denim Bar

Fashion Camp OC

Heirlooms and Hardware


Local Fare

Lollipop Nail Studio

Milk And Honey Baby


Nirve Sports

Portola Coffee Lab

Savory Spice Stop

Shuck Oyster Bar

Smocking Birds

Stoned Jewelry

We Olive & Wine Bar

Whiskey Tango 1977

31 Bits