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apples & oranges

Apples & Oranges is a non-profit organization which allows artist, designers, and charitable organizations to be able to have a place to showcase their products with a purpose.  At Apples & Oranges you will find artisans that have a passion, love, and a heart for others and the desire to see change, restoration, healing, beauty and strength grow in human kind. By having a place to display their product, they have the opportunity to make a difference with every purchase.

Apples & Oranges desires to support a community of like-minded people; creating a venue for opportunity to support the dreams and visions of artist to bring about intentional compassionate change in our world. Bringing the community unique, hand-crafted products that give back and inspire the next generation of growth.

Apples & Oranges is a charming, classic, and fashionable eclectic boutique. At Apples & Oranges  you will find unique home décor, jewelry, designer bags, hats,  and vintage acessories.  Apples and Oranges is a non-profit that gives back to the commuity.

Give. Nurture. Grow.

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South Coast Collection
3313 Hyland Avenue Suite C
Costa Mesa, CA 92626