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Nirve Sports

Nirve at The Mix is Nirve’s premiere store with comfort bicycles & accessories. Nirve is committed to offering high quality construction & materials in all their products; With original frame designs and graphics, Nirve bikes will carry you in style and comfort for years to come.
We make bicycles that are fun and easy to ride, both for pleasure and for short trips that you might otherwise make in your automobile. Riding a bicycle is great exercise, good for the environment, and you can do it in style . . . on a Nirve.
Any product found on our web site can be purchased in the store, or can be ordered, and in store within the next business day. Stop by today & check out all Nirve has to offer.
Ride a bike and change the world.
Nirve @ The Mix 714.948.6199


South Coast Collection
3313 Hyland Avenue Suite C
Costa Mesa, CA 92626